A 7-month time lapse documenting the first full growing season at the Brooklyn Grange’s farm in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. At 65,000 square feet, it’s the largest rooftop farm in the world.

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Shot and edited by Christopher St. John

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Meat Makes the Planet Thirsty -


Grown on over a million acres in California, alfalfa sucks up more water than any other crop in the state. And it has one primary destination: cattle. Increasingly popular grass-fed beef operations typically rely on alfalfa as a supplement to pasture grass. Alfalfa hay is also an integral feed source for factory-farmed cows, especially those involved in dairy production….. Californians are sending their alfalfa, and thus their water, to Asia. The reason is simple. It’s more profitable to ship alfalfa hay from California to China than from the Imperial Valley to the Central Valley. Alfalfa growers are now exporting some 100 billion gallons of water a year from this drought-ridden region to the other side of the world in the form of alfalfa. All as more Asians are embracing the American-style, meat-hungry diet.

David Cameron's science advisers call for expansion of GM crops


Oh dear. This isn’t the analysis of the food problem that I’d have gone for.

"David Cameron’s official science advisers have called for GM crops to be rolled out across the UK by scrapping "dysfunctional" EU regulations that risk curtailing future food supplies.

"We take it for granted that because our supermarket shelves are groaning with food, there are no problems with the food supply, but there are," said government’s chief scientific adviser, Professor Sir Mark Walport, citing rising global population, limited farmland and climate change. "If we don’t use GM the risk is people going unfed.""

The problem isn’t production it is the structure of the food system.
Could we perhaps talk about food waste, use of productive land for non-food crops, the vast food resources being used as animal feed, the concentration of power in the food chain which pushes up prices etc etc.? The promotion of GM crops will just concentrate power further and do little to promote sustainable agricultural production.

This feels like a typical bait and switch strategy in light of the ongoing debates in Britain about rising hunger and food banks.

1. Antibiotics in food and as medicine. A recent article in the New York Times confirms suspicions that the antibiotics routinely given to livestock to make them fat do the same thing to people. Antibiotics are thought to fatten by changing gut bacteria to make absorption of nutrients more efficient. In 1974, an experiment was done on several hundred Navy recruits to see if they would gain weight on antibiotics and, after only seven weeks, they did. An experiment was also done, unethically it sounds, on “mentally deficient spastic” children in Guatemala in the 1950s, reports the Times. The children gained an extra five pounds over a year compared with children who were not given antibiotics. Denmark researchers found babies given antibiotics within six months of birth were more likely to be overweight by age seven.

5 shocking reasons why Americans are getting fatter - (via futurefoodsystems)

(via futurefoodsystems)